Story time is the best time of the day. Whether we're snuggled up on the couch or cozy in our pjs before bed, reading stories with my little ones is one of my favorite things to do. Everyone has a favorite book they remember from their childhood, and every day, parents and kids are discovering new classics of their own. There are many fabulous children's books out there, some of which everyone knows about and others we would have never discovered had my son not simply pulled a random book off a library shelf. I created this blog to share some of these wonderful stories with you. Think of it as a year's worth of the best children's books around, since no day should be without a great story. In the end, I hope we'll all have discovered at least a few new titles that will have made their way onto our list of family favorites. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 86: We Are in a Book!

Mo Willems has to be one of my absolute favorite children's book authors.  His books are clever, witty, silly, fun and a HUGE hit here in our household.  I'm not always sure who laughs louder when we read them, my son or us!  I received a Borders gift card as a birthday present recently, and used it to order a few of the many titles on our "must own" list.  Mo Willems' Elephant and Piggie books were buy one, get one 50% off, so I ordered four of them.  We gave my son We Are in a Book! yesterday and to say he loved it is an understatement.  He and my husband laughed their way through the whole story, and were only a few pages in when my son said, in between giggles, "This is such a silly book!"  Then, of course, came "Bananas!" said over and over again to fits of hysterical laughter.  "I have more to give!  More words!  More jokes!  More 'bananas!'"  Mo Willems is a master of taking incredibly simple illustrations and bringing them to life to tell a wonderful story.  He is also a master of engaging his readers.  Just like in the Pigeon books, he makes the reader part of the story.  This kind of audience interaction is sheer brilliance.  We especially love the way Piggie comes forward to the edge of the page to see us.  This is another series that is perfect for preschoolers and emerging readers.  And not to worry, Gerald.  Your books are sure to be read over and over again in our house. 


K Schuk said...

Elephant and Piggie books are a favorite in our family! We enjoy them, and my 2-year-old daughter LOVES them. She normally memorizes them by the third read through and can then "read" them correctly herself, which is amazing to me! We plan to buy her a collection for Christmas (right now we check them out from the library).

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