Story time is the best time of the day. Whether we're snuggled up on the couch or cozy in our pjs before bed, reading stories with my little ones is one of my favorite things to do. Everyone has a favorite book they remember from their childhood, and every day, parents and kids are discovering new classics of their own. There are many fabulous children's books out there, some of which everyone knows about and others we would have never discovered had my son not simply pulled a random book off a library shelf. I created this blog to share some of these wonderful stories with you. Think of it as a year's worth of the best children's books around, since no day should be without a great story. In the end, I hope we'll all have discovered at least a few new titles that will have made their way onto our list of family favorites. Enjoy!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day 75: Goodnight Our World series

These adorable board books are a perfect way to introduce some of your favorite places to your little one.  My geography teacher self might be a bit biased towards these books, but I really think they are a great way to help teach children about the world and places around them.   There are over 30 titles to choose from in this series, many of which are based on various U.S. states or cities.  There are others that are more general, though, such as Goodnight World, Goodnight Lake, Goodnight Zoo and Goodnight Beach.  Each book brings its readers to various places in and around its title location throughout the course of a day, highlighting various landmarks and wildlife along the way.  The illustrations are colorful and cute but not too busy, making these stories appealing to even the youngest readers.  Whether they are about a place you or other family members call home or a favorite vacation spot, these books are a great way to reminisce about some of your favorite locations.  They are also great "preview" books:  if you're going someplace new, see if there is a Goodnight book about it.  It would be a great way to introduce that place to your child before you go!   I also find that even if we haven't gone anywhere special, it's nice to snuggle up and talk about all the fun things we did that day after we read these stories at bedtime.   For a complete list of available titles, you can visit the Goodnight Our World homepage at


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Zach absolutely loves Good Night New York City.

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